Help updating pages

I could use some help updating my pages and (both made in Kirby)
Both pages are up and running, and I consider this a minor update with some rearranging and masonry.

Jakob Fischer

Hi Jakob!
You ask only Masonary for your portfolio view?


Hi Levent - For a start I’d like both mainpages having random masonry, featuring images/links located in a specific folder. The attached image is just a dummy, made in Illustrator. The Catalogue pages stays as they are.
Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Okay I understood that;
You want the pictures of the works you selected as a feature to appear randomly on the homepage as Masonry. Did I understand correctly?

Yes - like the dummy image, I would have 15-20 images that should be displayed in Masonry in a random order.

Hello Jakob
I have email you the details, please connect