Help Me Save the Life of My Kirby Built $4,000 Website

Person created for my small Senior Move Management business then vanished without training me. I need to add links to proposed social media, create and link a blog and update current events page. Anyone interested in a project to help the desperate one? I am somewhat familiar with WordPress but don’t want to lose the time and investment in the Kirby built site. I also would like to integrate the templates and other fresh items into the site but don’t know how to get my existing site integrated into the new site development options.

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Not sure what your timeline is, but I will be looking to take on new clients in October. Though I’m sure someone here on the forum would be willing to take this opportunity sooner :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, a response gives me hope that someone read and understands my plight. Haven’t established a timeline but need some initial direction with a plan of action to follow.

Hi @Dlinn65, I’ve sent you a direct message here on the forum