Help! Deleted every sub point in a category!

Hi, there has been deleted every event in a category and I want to undo this! is it possible!

Have you already saved in the Panel? If yes, then you can’t undo this. Otherwise just discard your changes.

Actually I didn’t click delete so I don’t know why everything is gone. Because the whole page is gone and i didn’t click “delete the whole page”. Is there a way for you to get in our system and remove the changes?

Well, I can have a look but I can’t promise anything because I don’t know what you have done. But if the file is gone from the filesystem and not only disappeared from the Panel, then there is nothing I can do, if you don’t have a backup. Unless the hosting provider has a backup.

okay i guess everything is gone then. thank you anyway!

I’d contact the hosting provider, maybe they can help if they do automatic backups on a daily basis.

I’d recommend to make regular backups in the future.

how can i contact the hosting provider?

You should find a support contact mail on their website?

okay yes i will do that thank you