Grouping users - roles and permissions

I want to be able to group users. One user can belong to one or many groups. The best thing would be if each group have a certain role attached, in that way the user can have one or many roles (depending on what groups he/she is added to).

How could this be done?

Best regards

Kirby doesn’t have a concept of user groups. One user can only have a single role, not multiple ones.

So users only belong to a group in the sense that they share the same user role. But there is not way to assign roles to groups.

So while you can of course create user groups by assigning one or multiple groups to users, these would be independent of the roles.

And if you don’t need this for the Panel but for your front end, then user models could be a way to solve some problems.

Could you describe your use case? Maybe you can achieve all or at least most of what you need by choosing the right permissions for each role?