.gitignore plugins in /site/plugins when installed via composer?

I’m afraid I missed some of the latest discussions, desicions and changes regarding the new plugin setups (pluginkits) but I remember having already read something about the plugins getting copied to the site/plugin folder via composer too now (for consistency with the other setups)…

I cannot find it anymore :face_with_monocle:

Now after adding a plugin via composer, git shows hundreds of unstaged files in /site/plugins/ (which I think I wouldn’t need to have in the repo at all).

That’s correct in a way since my custom plugins need to be version controlled in there…

But what’s the suggested way of handling this? Just add those plugin folders/files to the repo or do I have to manually .gitignore those plugins installed via composer inside the site/plugins/ folder now?

Thanks in advance :blush:

We have added information on that to the Composer cookbook recipe.

Both ways are possible, but if you don’t need to have the plugins in the repo, it makes sense to ignore them by manually adding them to your .gitignore.


Thanks a lot @lukasbestle :+1: I searched but didn’t spot the part about .gitignore :man_facepalming: