Github getkirby/ docs not up to date?


is it possible that the content on the website isn’t synced with the content in the public GitHub repository?

I want to make a small correction via pull request, but the hole content isn’t there :sweat_smile: (GitHub-Link) In other .txt files the content is there. But I didn’t check is the content 100% equal to the content on the website.

Or I just to dump to use the GitHub-Button in the documentation bottom site… ?

best regards

Most of the content in the reference is generated automatically, and in the guide, not all content lives in the content files, but sometimes is pulled in via tags or also auto-generated, like in the linked example. What exactly do you want to fix?

Ah. That makes sense now.

There is a space missing in the .php-snippit after <figure . Because of it my html-DOM is not working correctly. It is a small/tiny thing.

Here is the line with correction suggestion:

<figure <?= Html::attr(['data-ratio' => $ratio, 'data-crop' => $crop], null, ' ') ?>>

Hm, it renders fine for me with a space, but that’s actually something that would have to be changed in the source code, because the template reads from the snippet in the source code.

For your own purposes, however, you can simply overwrite the snippet in /site/snippets/blocks.

Then I don’t know… In my Firefox the error isn’t happening, but in Chrome it is. I fixed it, like you wrote already. It works fine now. And I have added more option to my panel.

Thanks for your help anyway. ^^