Getting Kirby to ignore other software in a folder

Apologies for the somewhat vague title.

What I am trying to do is install a 3rd party forum script in a folder called forum, I need kirby to ignore whatever is going on in there and not treat it as if it is a page. Is there a way to do this?

look at

may be, it helps you (not tested).

If this was me, I would put it in a dedicated subdomain. Forums are notorious targets for malicious attacks. If the forum got breached, they can potentially also get access to the Kirby site. Plus, this way, you can configure the subdomain with independent settings (php.ini, php version etc.) Some of that will depend on your host though.

Additionally, sooner or later you will run into having to update PHP for Kirby which could render the forum inoperable if it is not compatible with the same PHP version.


Thanks, I had actually set up a sub domain for it but thought it worth checking to see what else I could do. But, you are right, it is probably best to keep them as separate as possible.

I agree that’s the best option. You could probably make it work by not sending this folder through Kirby’s router in your server/htaccess settings (seems to depend on the server settings, because it works in Mamp but doesn’t in Valet environment), but for the reasons outlined above by @jimbobrjames, I wouldn’t recommend that.

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No, this only applies to the content folder.

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