Get root page of child

Is there a simple way to get the root page of a child?


Maybe something like this:


It would first go to about and then give me an object with the children contact and information.

The depth is unknown so I can’t just go 2 steps back or so.



I made it work, kind of. I probably need a recursive function or something if there are not simpler solution. As you can see I hang on a new parent on every new if statement.

<?php if( $p->depth() == 1 && $p->hasChildren() ) : ?>
   <?php pattern('site/main/sidebar/children', ['p' => $p->children() ]); ?>
 <?php elseif( $p->depth() == 2 && $p->parent()->hasChildren() ) : ?>
   <?php pattern('site/main/sidebar/children', ['p' => $p->parent()->children() ]); ?>
 <?php elseif( $p->depth() == 3 && $p->parent()->parent()->hasChildren() ) : ?>
   <?php pattern('site/main/sidebar/children', ['p' => $p->parent()->parent()->children() ]); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

If I give it some time I will get it to work with a recursive function but what I’m really asking for is a more simple way to do it.

Should work with something like $page->parents()->last()->children() maybe? Can’t test what parents() is returning, so can’t say if it has the right functionality…


The parents() and last() methods work well for this, but won’t work if the current page is a top-level page. You can extend the default page model with the following:

public function rootParent() {
    return $this;

  return $this->parents()->last();

That should get you the top-level page in most scenarios.


last it is. Thank you :wink:

Thank you both! You have been really helpful. I adapted your code to my needs and this is what I ended up with:

$p = ( $p->depth() == 1 ) ? $p : $p->parents()->last();
pattern('site/main/sidebar/children', ['p' => $p->children() ]);

$p is the same as $page for me. Works great and very short and sweet.

For someone else who read this maybe this code make more sense:

$p = ( $p->depth() == 1 ) ? $p : $p->parents()->last();
print_r( $p->children()->toArray() );

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