Get post and subpost from another page

Hello. I have a website folder structure like this.

-- PROJECTS      -- POST
                 -- POST   -- SUBPOST
                           -- SUBPOST
                -- POST

I try to find a way to load POST & SUBPOST, on the SHOP page
So far in my SHOP page, I can get SUBPOST like this :

<?php if ($projetPage = page('projets')->children()): ?>
<?php foreach ($projetPage->children()->listed() as $projet): ?>
<?php endforeach ?>
<?php endif ?>

or I can get POST like this :

<?php if ($projetPage = page('projets')): ?>
 <?php foreach ($projetPage->children()->listed() as $projet): ?>
 <?php endforeach ?>
 <?php endif ?>

Both are working, but I would like to combine those two, and get POST and SUBPOST on the SHOP page. How could I accomplish that ? Can I have one var $projetPage that get those two type of post ?
Thanks for your help.

<?php $projects = page('projects')->index()->listed(); ?>
<?php foreach ( $projects as $project) : ?>
  <!-- Do stuff -->
<?php endoreach; ?
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Working like a charm. Thank you for your help !