Get page content field as array

I created a custom field which should hold it’s (content) data as array. My content file looks like this:



    "id": "news\/1648733763400",
    "borrowed_by": {
      "community_id": "1_article",
      "community_url": "http://localhost:8090/news/1648733763400",
      "school_name": "Schule"
      "borrowed_on": "2022-05-01 12:33:00"

Allthough the data is being loaded into the model it doesn’t get interpreted as an array but as String. Where do i have to hook my handler to convert the given String into an Array?

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks, Thomas E.-E.

See Revert button not reverting unsaved changes in custom plugin - #8 by isaac

thanks, but unfortunately i didn’t get it yet.

I assumed that there is some “magic” wiring of the values being stored in the content file and the props of a field. So in my case the blueprint looks like:

        type: borrowedby
        label: Ausgeliehen von
        empty: Dieser Beitrag wurde bisher noch nicht ausgeliehen.

in index.php of my plugin i have

    'fields' => [
        'borrowedby' => [
            'props' => [
                'value' => function ($value = null) {

I had hoped that $value carries the value borrowed_by as String (see my last post). Now i understood that I would than have to take care of converting the string into an Object myself, ok. But $value is empty.

How could this value filled from the content file?

oh stop … exactly that happend … $value got filled now and thow the workflow is clear!