Get all images from children

Update: i found out that the collection is not empty. It just look like it because my browser didn’t show the error message except in the source code … here it is:

Fatal error: Call to a member function caption() on integer in […]/kirby (final)/site/templates/home.php on line 50

(caption is a field of the image meta file)

Yeah … I found a workaround at least … here’s my code

    $galleryPage = $pages->find('galerie');
    $galleryChilds = $galleryPage->children()->visible();
    $galleryImages = new Collection();
    foreach ($galleryChilds as $c) {
        foreach ($c->images() as $i) {
            $galleryImages->data[] = $i;
    $galleryImages = $galleryImages->filterBy('filename', '!*=', '-big');
    $galleryImages = $galleryImages->limit(6);

But maybe @bastianallgeier could take a look at it …