Generate progressive thumbnail JPEGs?

Is it possible to set the thumbnail generator to make “progressive” loading JPGs? Ideally inline in the settings array…

Thank you!

If you use the ImageMagick driver, you can use the interlace option to create progressive jpegs.

What is the best way to approach this? Through the template? Or some kind of hook on upload?

First you need to switch to the IM driver as described here (assuming its installed on your server). As for enabling interlacing, that doesn’t seem to be an option in the list of that page, so i suspect its part of the IM configuration, outside of Kirby. Maybe @texnixe can clarify where that needs to be turned on.

Interlace is an option implemented in Kirby’s IM driver. You can set it in the options array:

<?php if($image = $page->image()) {
  echo $image->thumb([
  'width'      => 300, 
  'height'     => 200, 
  'quality'    => 80,
  'interlace'  => 'plane'
])->html() ?>