Frontend login authentication back to login

I followed multiple cookbook recipes on frontend registration with an authentication code instead of a password like this one: User registration | Kirby CMS

Everything seems to work well. However I noticed that when I try to login with a e-mail address that doesn’t exist. Or if I don’t have an account and try to login, I get send to the authentication page where I have can provide a code. I get that this is necessary for safety precautions to do so but is there also a way to go back and try to enter a different email address?

When I try so via the panel there is a back button but not in this recipe. Is there a route I have to make like the logout?

Yes, you would need a link that goes to a logout route.

I’ve added the logout route and when logged in I go to /logout logs me out. When I login with a wrong email and I’m in the “login code screen” and go to /logout. it doesn’t change anything and just refreshes te page.

Ok, then I need to test this myself and check out the Panel implementation.

Is there something you need from me to do so?:slight_smile:

If you could provide the project with the code already implemented via download link (PM), so I don’t have to implement the recipe, that would speed things up. But will not have time before tonight in any case.