Frontend layout choice (with url)

I want to build a portfolio website where the visitor can pick which kind of layout he wants to view it in.
But keep that choice trough-out the whole site and show up in the url
Similar to language switching. (

I thought about abusing that system and create fake languages but there must be a better way of doing this.

Is it also possible to link this to an other template, or css?

I think there are different ways to achieve this, you could use URL parameters (or URL slugs, like you suggested) or cookies.

I probably wouldn’t use different templates, but snippets or, if the different stylesheet is enough, load another CSS file depending on slug/parameter.

Yeah, snippets would be a better choice.

So with url parameter it would keep that choice trough-out the rest of the site?
Is it also possible to add two parameters together?

first choice: show no text
second choice: show layout 2

Or should i just create a separate ones for all of my option combinations?

No, that would only work if you change your URLs accordingly, maybe based on a cookie. Why do you want to reflect the layout choice in the URL?

Its gonna be a graphic design portfolio and we want to have url say: (no text)

That kinda stuff…