Freelancer invoicing

To all the other freelancers out there - What do you use for payments and invoicing?

I’ve been sticking with Harvest because the paypal fee is a flat .50c instead of the usual 2.5-ish%.

I’d prefer to build a client log-in area where they can see past invoices, invoices due, project updates, etc - but haven’t found a way to avoid those fees. Any clever solutions out there?

I’m currently planning to build such a system for my clients using Kirby. Since my clients pay me via bank transfer, actual payment processing won’t be required for that.

@lukasbestle do you use a bank transfer service that you can integrate into your site, or do you work it out manually?

It doesn’t make much sense for me to automate payments for clients (I don’t have many of these).
They get their invoice, manually transfer the money and I mark that payment in my invoicing system.