First Page View does not load Language Variables

I could not pin-point why this is happening (recently?) or what could be the cause.

I am working on a local site which is using a multi language setup, however only one available language and i filled the page with all it’s variables. Recently i have noticed that on the very first visit, (when a session is not active yet) the language variables are not loaded.

Upon refresh, or switching between pages then loads the values.

To test I would switch off ALL caching, on the server, within Kirby, in the lan/wlan and in your computer/smartphone. Switch off all add-ins in the browser. Then I would delete all cached content, everywhere!

If needed:
Then I would install and use a NEW portable browser like Firefox portable without any Add-Ins.

If this all does not work, then I cannot help. Sorry.

Good luck!

i figured out where, but not why. i can work around it though…
it’s not browser related…

i am

  1. init my plugin with translations and stuff
  2. require some files (custom functions)
  • where there is defines a function which gets yaml from a field structure
  1. starting a session where the session is used to also save that yaml content.

there isn’t anything really there to break translations though so well. i’ll work around it…