Filter section by category or tag

I was wondering if it is possible to filter my dashboard section by category/tags?
On the dashboard (panel home) I want to show the category as a section. For example: interior or architecture. This is my code:

title: Site
  - width: 1/2
      blog: sections/blog
      projects: sections/projects
  - width: 1/2
        type: pages
          - home
          - blog
          - blogitem
          - projects
          - project

And for the projects section:

  type: pages
    headline: Projects
    info: "{{'d.m.Y') }}"
    template: project
    empty: No project(s) yet
    sortBy: date desc

I am also wondering if it is possible to make a project page for a specific category/tag. So for example a page with only the category/tag interior.

Thanks in advance!

The only way to filter default pages sections is by template and by status.

If you want to filter by categories, you can do so if you use the Pagesdisplay custom section plugin.

The alternative would be to create parent pages for each category. Might make more sense for your second requirement.

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Thanks for your help!

Will check the plugin out.
If I create parent pages for each category I have the parent in my url. Or would you make a route for this?

Yes, you can use a route, as long as there is no risk of identical uids