Filter pages from highlight list

I have one list with highlight pages and a need a second list with all pages without the highlight pages.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for your help

I don’t know how you define your highlighted pages, but let’s assume it’s a filtered list like this:

$highlighted = $page->children()->listed()->filterBy('featured', true);

// then exclude these from the list of all children

$nonHighlighted = $page->children()->listed()->not($highlighted);

As always thanks for your fast response. :pray:

is just a list of pages with just the ids, right?

$highlighted as defined above is a pages object.

But as I said, it’s just an example. If you need more details, you would have to post the code for your highlighted pages.

Thanks @texnixe.

Works perfect:

    $allStories = autoid('rachftkj')->children()->filterBy('template', 'story');

    $primaryStories = [];

    foreach ($data->primary_stories()->toStructure() as $item) {
        $primaryStories[] = $this->getPageById($item->page_reference());

    $primaryStories = new Collection($primaryStories);
    $filteredPages = $allStories->listed()->not($primaryStories);