File upload is not working in IE9

Hi there,

i’ve figure out a nasty bug and hope someone has an idea to solve. With IE9 and kirby 2.2.3 it’s not possible to upload files in the file manager. neither the upload button nor the drag 'n drop are working.

is this bug already know?

Thanks, Thomas

Is that on localhost in a WAMP/XAMPP environment or on an Apache server? Does that problem only exist in IE9? Do you get an error message?

If you are on XAMPP/WAMP, see this post: Mime type issue (again). It’s a known issue.

Edit: Is there a special reason why you are still using an old browser like IE9? Microsoft has stopped supporting IE 9 in January, so there will be no security updates anymore.


no - its a live system (Linux / PHP 5.4.16)
The IE give no error message and the error_log are empty for this case

I’m missing the file promt when I click the upload button, so I’m not able to select file

Edit: its a client who is using this browser. And no, I’LL recommend an update