File template does not work

It seems I can’t get to work any other file template than default.

Let’s set it in the panel by having this line in the post.yml:

    type: files
    template: image

If I now want to set the meta data etc. for the picture I uploaded in the panel Kirby will tell me:

This page has no blueprint setup yet

Which makes no sense to me, since I have the image.yml in the files folder (and it’s even from the starterkit). What am I missing here?

Please take a look at this thread.

Hopefully it might help.

Thanks for that link!

Oh man, that is a confusing thing for sure! This should be written in big red letters all over the documentation, because, yes, I had made the same mistake.

So for everybody also struggling. Just look again at what sections are and what they’re for.
To complete the bewilderment: The fields section can have a files field; you’d want that, if you want to query files from other places. Otherwise rely on the files section, thru which you can upload files as well – and have the template set correctly.

Thanks again so much, @kinkwilde!

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