Faulty/Blocked logins: New Installation

it was working perfectly then all of a sudden i got logged out, and when i go to panel/login it says:

“Logins are currently blocked
Try again or contact your administrator.”

after a few minutes, the login form appears again
but somehow, it doesn’t take in any accounts. It says invalid.

btw, this is a completely new, local installation, fresh from the .zip file!
I don’t know what to do?

All I can think of is something with my MAMP?

The error message appears after so many unsuccessful attempts to log in. Try to remove your account file in /site/accounts and create a new account.

Simply delete the /site/accounts/.logins file.
Kirby stores all failed login attempts in this file.

If you delete this file, the knowledge about failed login attempts is cleared.

Will that remove all the posts by that account? If so, how do I recover them?

The .logins file just stores the last login and the pages edited. You wont loose your posts, it will regenerate the file the next time you log in. Just trash the accounts folder, and recreate the accounts.

Might be worth using MAMPS gui to reset the file permissions. It seems like something funky is going in with them causing kirby not to be able to write to the accounts folder. Give this a go.

Just to clarify: The .logins file only stores failed logins.
The edit history is stored in the user account file in the history field.

Also, I’m seeing three different files in the accounts folder: index.html, username.php, and .logins

Which one(s) do I delete?

Leave the index.html in there, it is there to prevent indexing of the folder. Try with only deleting the .logins file. If you can’t remember your admin password, delete the admin user account file as well.

Whoops…yes ur right of course…its late… :frowning: