Example building backend page from database

Hi all,

do you have an example how to build a custom backend page which loads the content from a database ?


You mean like this but from a database instead of API?

The changing this in a way that data come from a database shouldn’t make much difference.

perfectly, thank you!

Hi again,

do you know why npm run dev does not work? It tells me that the parcel command is not found. I installed it globally with composer. npx run dev throws can’t find module error.

Any ideas? thanks

Composer is for php packages, you probably mean npm or yarn?

yes of course, i installed it via npm ;). but i can’t get it running.

Did you install the latest version or parcel 1?

“version”: “1.12.5”

Hm, so parcel --version worked at least.

Did you add the package.json in the root of your plugin? And call the command there? Which node/npm versions are installed? I had problems with newer node versions and went back to node 10.something the other day (but I’m also running Parcel 1.12.3)

it does not: bash: parcel: command not found
do i have to setup something in the system environment variables?


npm parcel --v works
…let me change the json file

does not work got a package-lock but no index.js

npm parcel --v works shows the npm version…7.8.0

i found a solution…type: npm get prefix copy this path to the system environment variables run parcel --version. works!

i got my index.js now but with the following error: Cannot find module ‘./components/View.vue’ in the browser console

also building is not possible: Vue packages version mismatch vue 2.6.12 →

got it…by adding this to the package.json:

  "devDependencies": {
    "vue": "^2.6.14",
    "vue-template-compiler": "^2.6.14"

now everythign works…maybe that can help others