Error: "The file is missing" on front end submission


I have a form that creates new pages, with a simple text field and the option to upload an image. When I try to submit the form without uploading a file, it gives me the error “The file is missing” and refers to this (in upload.php in the getkirby/toolkit/lib) as the error:

throw new Error($messages[$code], $code);

I do not receive this error when I write text + upload a file. However, even when I get the error, the submission still goes through successfully.

Weird thing is, it was working perfectly until I transferred the whole site from a localhost on a school computer to the localhost on my desktop computer…did I just pull my harddrive out too soon or what?!

This is my controller:

return function($site, $pages, $page) {
  $alert = null;
  if(r::is('post') && get('register')) {
    if(!empty(get('website'))) {
      // lets tell the bot that everything is ok
    $data = array(
      'title' => esc(get('title')),
      'text'   => esc(get('text')),
      'date'   => date('Y-m-d'),
      'time'   => time()
    $rules = array(
      'text'  => array('required'),
    $messages = array(
      'text'  => 'Please enter text',

    if($invalid = invalid($data, $rules, $messages)) {
      $alert = $invalid;
    } else {

      try {

        $p = $page->children()->create(str::slug($data['title']) , 'floor', $data);
        $upload = new Upload($p->root() . DS . '{safeFilename}', array('input' => 'file'));
        $success = 'Success.';
        $data = array();

      } catch(Exception $e) {
        echo 'Failed: ' . $e->getMessage();
  return compact('alert', 'data', 'success');

Thanks in advance!

The error is thrown by the Upload class. So I think you should either require the field or wrap the upload in an if statement that checks if the form field contains something.