Error message when publishing a draft

I am getting an error message when I try to publish a draft page: (change status from unlisted to listed)

“Call to a member function root() on null”

Any ideas how to fix that?

  • Is there more information in your browser console?
  • Which Kirby version?
  • Do you use plugins/custom code?
  • Does this happen locally or on your remote server?
  • Can you reproduce the issue in a fresh Starterkit?
  • Does it affect all pages or only special pages (e.g. a particular blueprint), if so, please post this blueprint

I am using the Zero Theme by Branco Matic,

Newest version of Kirby

The only plugin I use is the Zero Theme

It happens in localhost and online on the webserver

If I use a fresh starterkit, the error does not occur.

It only affects one single page: the “journal” page, which is the blog page of the zero theme.

Since that is a paid theme, I cannot test it.

Ping @mrfreedom

I will, thanks for the quick response.

Thank you, Sonja. I’m answering privately to Thomas, so we don’t spam the forum.

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It’s been fixed now.

I used the plain basic theme again and copied the content folder in it. The Error didn’t occur after that. Something must have happend during styling and filling the theme with content.

Thanks for the great support @mrfreedom and the quick response @texnixe