Empty dashboard view, everything else works

Hey there,
after upgrading to v3.0.2, one of my client sites encountered this problem: The dashboard page (site.yml) only shows tabs names, but no fields, nothing - apart from tab titles and icons, it’s just blank. I’m able to navigate to other pages seamlessly (url, search function, you name it) and so far, everything else seems to work just fine.

On my test environment (powered by Valet), the panel looks as expected. I already checked permissions & ownership on the server, nothing unusual there. All I could think of would have effected all other pages too, so I can’t wrap my head around this - any help is appreciated!

Best regards,

To get this clear, this is not an upgrade from Kirby 2 but from Kirby 3, right? So 3.0.1 worked as expected but 3.0.2 doesn’t??

Absolutely correct.

And you don’t get any error messages, neither in the error logs nor in the console?

Have you tried to delete the media folder?

Nothing in the logs, deleting the media folder did nothing to solve this. Console is empty (yay!) - ultimately, I’ll try to downgrade … and report back then!

// Edit:
Nah, seems to be something else - downgrading didn’t do anything good. Still got no idea where to go with this - especially since all other pages work …

Maybe some wrong indentation in the site.yml?

I got it - when deleting this file, it works again: site/config/config.domain.tld.php consisting of:


return [
  'url' => false,

… because of this setting in config.php:


$domain = basename(dirname(__DIR__, 2));

return [
  'url' => 'http://' . $domain . '.test',

… but why, @texnixe?

I don’t think you can pass a boolean, only a string.

Well, thank you for staying with me - you’re undoubtedly a good soul of this forum, and Kirby in general.