Echo the one selected option

This might seem simple. Not sure why I haven’t gotten it.

design: Design
architecture: Architecture
photography: Photography
3d: 3D
web: Web

How to echo in the frontend after selection web in the panel.

Well, just like any other field:

<?= $page->selectfieldname() ?>

But your question is probably: How do I echo “Design” instead of design etc.? You could write your option with capital letters instead or use a category map.

Yeah. something else must be broken. I tried that. I’ll post what I did wrong.

The text field is there. still trying to figure this one out. Will post update when I figure it out.

Ok I feel a little dumb. I have an if statement and it was not being met. I did this exact same echo like you suggested. But forgot about the if statement. Once the if statement was met it worked perfectly.