Easy Media embeds in K3?

is there currently an easy way to add embeds (not only YouTube and Vimeo), like @distantnative’s embed plugin?

I’d really love to have previews in the panel, lazyloading and all that - thanks!

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Haven’t found the time to rewrite it for K3.

It also seems to fit perfectly into Kirby’s core… :wink:

To be honest, I disagree a little. Oembed fetching for a lot of things can be unreliable and failing. And most users are very opinionated what should actually be returned by it. I don’t think that it’s for the core therefore.

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Sorry to make this thread pop again but any news about embed in Kirby 3? I’m currently migrating a website from V2 to V3 and can’t proceed until a solution exists. I don’t have any opinion about putting this into core but considering how embedding is such a big part of the web today, not having a way of doing it right inside kirby feels a bit odd to me.

I put a plugin out the other day that allows embedding of local videos in kirbytext. Works with a single video. I’ve only tested it with MP4 files, but techincally it should work with any valid video.

It comes with a snippet to render a basic player (native browser HTML5), which you can over ride with your own snippet. This the opinionated part. As for previews in the panel, this plugin does not do that but you could perhaps make it happen via the Builder plugin. I could extend the plugin I guess, to include a file method to make that easier, but right now its just a kirby text tag.

Thanks @jimbobrjames but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I’m talking about non tech users who needs to embed a youtube video, a tweet, with just a single line of text for all of this. Some users ask for a free form text editor instead of fields to fill, and they have to be able to embed content from various popular services.

It wouldn’t take very long to make custom tags yourself to do all that. I made a twitter plugin too - it doesn’t currently do a specific tweet, but it can technically do it, as long as you know the tweets ID.

Feel free to fork it and tweak it to your needs.

@jimbobrjames @Thomasorus is asking for a single tag to rule them all, not a set of single tags users have to remember. @distantnative’s Embed plugin offered that functionality with the (embed) KirbyTag.

@Thomasorus It probably wouldn’t be too hard to port the Embed plugin if you don’t need the Panel preview part.

@texnixe I’m not a php developer but I can look at it for a few evenings and try. Did the team wrote any documentation about migrating plugins from V2 to V3?

There is no extensive migration guide, but here are some guidelines: https://getkirby.com/docs/cookbook/setup/migrate-plugins

There are also the guides about the different ways to set up plugins


The latter is what you want here, because the plugin loads an external library.

I think the main change here is how the different components (KirbyTags, snippets etc.) are registered, and you would have to adapt the code for the KirbyTags mainly, while you can probably reuse the classes for the most part. Haven’t looked deeply into the code yet, though.


Thanks @texnixe (as always) for your help, I’ll look into it.

Did you have any luck with this? I’m looking for a solution too.

Not at all sorry, I’m don’t know enough about kirby and php to handle this. :frowning:

yikes, me too! :exploding_head:

In the past I’ve used this service:

I think it should be quite easy to implement if you use a custom kirbytag.

EDIT: I’m not sure but it seems like they changed their pricing/plans. Looks like the free developer plan is no more free for personal or open source stuff.

I’d say they are quite explicit about it :wink:

What are the API license limitations?

“Website” and “Business” subscriptions allow commercial use of Iframely on a single web property (domain) only. “Editorial” and “Enterprise” plans add multiple domains license. Free “Developer” tier is for development only and will deny requests from production origins after the trial period.
(Pricing - Iframely Embeds API)

That’s why I said they must have changed it :wink: . I’ve been a customer there since some time (2 or 3 years? Maybe longer, no clue!) and it wasn’t written like this and I checked that in detail in the past to make sure my usage is covered by their free developer plan. Maybe it was abused by some people and thus they changed the wording and when it’s fine.

According to the last Kosmos @sylvainjule is our savior for embeds in Kirby 3!