Dynamic installation instruction tool

If you have created more than two plugins, this tool could come in handy. I got tired of adding the same installation instructions for all my plugins.

Kirby Install Tool

I will from now on include a link to the tool instead of installation instructions. What it does is simply replace username and plugin name with something from the GET variables. That way it should work for any plugin.




A bit more advanced now.


All the common stuff is here now and can be setup by a simple url.

I will probably release it on a repo near you, soon. You can then use it as a generator, or just a lazy service to link to.

I kind of went back to my initial idea of having just the install docs on the page.


Then I extended it to multiple pages:

  1. Index
    1. Install
    2. Disclaimer
    3. Donate

If you want to setup a tool like this on your domain, you can have a look at this repo: