Duplicate image gallery

I’m building a website for an artist. I’m using the Albums from the default theme to show the paintings (Schilderijen in Dutch). Now I want to duplicate this idea to show the drawings.

What is the best way to do this? There is a duplicate option, but this seems to mirror the Paintings.

The problem is this line in the albums section: parent: kirby.page("photography")which you would have to remove, and then add two different sections in site.yml that show the children of the two pages using two different parents (or overwrite the parent option for the same section.

I’m almost there.

  1. I added a yml in the folder ‘pages’ for the new drawings gallery (tekeningen.yml).
  2. I deleted “parent: kirby.page(“photography”)” in albums.yml

On these pages I can add content for paintings and drawings

  • …/panel/pages/schilderijen
  • …/panel/pages/tekeningen
    On the website it looks ok.

The only problem: I don’t see these two on the frontpage of the panel. What do I have to add to site.yml? Now it’s this:

  • width: 2/3
    albums: sections/albums

You need two sections that extend sections/albums

    extends: sections/albums
    heading: Schilderijen
    parent: kirby.page('schilderijen')
    extends: sections/albums
    heading: Tekeningen
    parent: kirby.page('tekeningen') 
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Thanks! Fixed!