Drag page links into text field

A suggestion for Panel: it would be nice when editing a text field to have a tree view of current site, so that I could add a link to another page just by directly dragging the page name. This could possibly ask for title of the link.

Of course it’s trivial to enter a link like (link sub/subpage/subsubpage/a_long_and_non_trivial_name) but I have to remember the path.

Or better, drag from search …


I too think that would be super convenient. I recently added a page link functionality to the Visual Markdown field: https://github.com/JonasDoebertin/kirby-visual-markdown/issues/71
It displays a page tree and inserts the link to the page in the editor.

But searching for the page and simply dragging it into the editor would be even faster.

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I created a feature request issue on GitHub