Don't remove template from panel when only one template is allowed

When I’m on a panel page where it’s only allowed to have one template, the template selector choice is missing. That makes sense because I’m not allowed to use another template.


The downside is that I get no information on what template the page is using. I can’t select another one but I still want information of what I’m using.

Now I need to go back to the parent page, create a new one and see what template is used. Then go into the page again. Much back and forth.


Instead of removing in, keep it and make it “protected”. In this example I set opacity: 0.5 in the css. To put that into a .protected class for example would be nice, I think.

What do you think?


Seconded! I miss that option, too.

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yes, i miss it too :confused:

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I added it here because of the positive response to this idea:

I agree to

for a long time:
v2.1: Displaying the template filename in the Panel Dashboard

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