Don't open page from the panel in new tab/window

If you open a page from the sidebar of the panel, it will open a new tab in your browser by default. It would be awesome if this could be changed or (even better) could be set as an option.

Since I’m using a small “edit”-snippet to link/switch from the frontend to the corresponding panel page, I come up with a bunch of new tabs … because every time I press “p” in the panel to go back to the frontend a new tab comes to live.

At the moment I’m hacking the core. But that’s not really the way I wanna go. :wink:

Any opinions?

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I think as an option it would make perfect sense, I would not want to change the current behavior in general, though.

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The reason for opening the frontend in a new tab is probably this:

A Good Reason: The user is working on something on the page, that might be lost if the current page changed.

But I also agree with you and @texnixe that an option for it could be the best solution.

That’s indeed a good point. Thanks @jenstornell.


I agree to

The use of an Kirby opition, which overwrites the default “_blank”, would be great.

In an older post (HowTo: Working with contextual links to the panel) I showed the opposite direction, to call the correct panel page for a link (gear wheel) after the page title:
target="<?php echo c::get('HeinerEF.EditTarget', '_blank'); ?>"