Don`t show .webp Images in the panel

how can I disable a filetype to show in the Panel?
I have installed a webp Plugin to make my site faster on chrome and other who will understand webp.
But for the DAU users I want only that show the standard imagefiles for not irritate them.


There is no built-in way to filter image types in Kirby 2. I’m not aware of a plugin, either. If this is a new project, I wouldn’t recommend using Kirby 2 anyway, as support will end at the end of 2020.

The only solution I can think of is storing these files in a subpage that is not visible in the Panel.

I think you could simply add something like the following to your panel.css:

.sidebar-list .draggable-file[data-helper$=".webp"] {
  display: none;


no it is not a new project otherwise I had use V3 :slight_smile:.
@thguenther Thanks! I have thought again to complex. A solution with CSS is also helpfull.