Does the structure field have a limit?

I was wondering if the structure field has an entry limit? Would it be a problem to have more than 500,000 entries in one structure field?


I guess that would be a problem, yes. Never tested with that many entries.

Do you think via the API it would be ok? So not using the panel?

Hm, I don’t know. But if I don’t want to use the Panel to edit this data, then I’d probably use a SQLite Database for this purpose.

@romain :

Even if I do not want to anticipate Bastian, but I would never build such a large structure, but rather structure it appropriately!

Ask a “database” architect who has experience in structuring such large structures. Then normalize the content to avoid duplicates in the contents of individual fields.

The data structure does not necessarily have to be related to the display in the front page, but should be designed with future content in mind.

With my tips I have not made any statement on the question whether your data should be stored in a real database.

According to my professional experience, the above steps should always be carried out in peace BEFORE starting an implementation!

To be honest, not every designer has experience in database design, these are at least two different trainings. Therefore my probably meant advice to handle these questions professionally.

Since I can’t and don’t want to estimate your abilities, I have written down my thoughts and experiences on the topic.

E.g. look at
and the live webpages at to see the difference.

It probably comes down to availble ram and processor cores on the server. It takes 1 byte to store 1 charachter so if i stored the phrase “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” 500,000 times over in a structure field, your looking at a ~22 megabyte content text file. Im guessing your content is longer than that.

Do with that what you will :slight_smile:

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May be “data structure architect” is a better English word for ““database” architect”, I used before.
Sorry, German is my native language.

But I cannot change my text in my last text, I have no rights to correct my own text.