Display Flickr Photos

Is there an easy way (or maybe a template or something) that allows for easy embedding of Flickr photos? I come from a Jekyll site where I had a template that just allowed me to enter a Flickr ID and the system would then create a post from that with only the photo and the title. I imagine something like

(flickr: http://flickr.com/foo/bar/abcdef1234.jpg)

Similar to the YouTube shortcut.


Getting the title most likely requires a Flickr API key and isn’t that easy unfortunately.

If you find a PHP Flickr API client that supports the features you need, you can use it as the base and create a Kirbytag out of it.

Well, actually, now that we spoke about it, I realized that I could actually just use the (image: …) tag. I just tried it and it works as expected. Thanks for giving me the heads-up!

Yes, that’s possible, but it doesn’t automatically fetch the title.

That’s true, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me. So I’m fine with that. :+1: