Discussion about the new modal free structure field

Click on this first to see a clip preview of the new structure field without modal.

What I think


  • It has no modal.
  • It looks more native.
  • It uses the screen better.
  • It’s an interesting “zoom in” approach that I did not think of.


  • When “zooming in”, clicking on an item the other items are hidden. Copy and paste from them would still be back and forth.
  • If using this tabs plugin in combination with structure it would be two kind of tab navigation. One from the plugin and one when zooming in an item. It can be confusing. Make them different in style to each other can be a solution.
  • What if the structure field has many items? What will happend to the tabs when zoomed in if they don’t fit? Two tab rows can be messy, hard to tell now.
  • It can be difficult to see what depth we are on. Maybe some breadcrumb thing would solve that?

Most of the minus are just questions and everything is based on that video clip.

What do you think?


I think this is an interesting discussion. I am greatful that Bastian is tackling the “no modal” beast but strongly believe we (the users) can help with some early feedback. Let’s keep it positive and constructive!

I showed this to a couple people around me that have websites running Kirby and are not very tech oriented and they couldn’t understand what was going on. Here’s some feedback in no particular order:

  • There is no indication whatsoever of what happened once you click Add or Click on an item to edit it.
  • There is no visual difference between this structure edit screen and the page edit screen.
  • The context of the page is lost. i.e. where was I editing this already? Ah right between this banner and this contact form.
  • Impossible to copy/paste from other sections of the page as @jenstornell mentioned. Also means impossible to just look at the rest of the page while doing so.
  • Double saving seems redundant. A user mentioned that on Twitter as well and @bastianallgeier is thinking of removing it. Where should we be saving then: in the structure form or in the page?

There is no need to list the obvious positives here but I want to say though: " Yay for image dropping and links :slight_smile: "