Disable writer links sanitization?


I’d like to link to a calendar feed via a webcal:// URL in a writer field. Unfortunately there is some sanitization going on and these link destinations get removed on saving, resulting in an tag without href. Is there any way around this, can I disable the sanitization or add valid protocols somewhere? Kirby version is 3.6.2.

Thanks in advance,

Hm, I debugged this, and it fails in the isAllowedUrl() method in kirby/src/Toolkit/Dom.php.

So there is no way to disable this through some options.

You could probably overwrite the writer field, so as to remove sanitization completely:

'computed' => [
		'value' => function () {
			$value = trim($this->value ?? '');
			return Sane::sanitize($value, 'html');

But then you would lose all sanitization, which is not ideal.