Different dates on server/locally

Yes, I mean “shared”, I can’t change the OS. It seems very exaggerated for me to pay an extra offer, changing my host OS, just for a simple date function !

I don’t think you have to change the OS, but they should be able to tell you what sort of setting you would have to change to make strftime work correctly.

I do agree ! But people I have on the phone always tell me that they are not programmers, that they do not know the PHP code, and tells me to search tutorials on the internet…I’ll try a XX time

Well, they should have some more advanced support levels, I would ask to be connected to someone with some knowledge.

Maybe this can help:


I solved my problem.

It seems that OVH has done some maintenance work lately. This affected the stable environment which I was configured. I changed to a classical environment, and it worked.
The stable environment affected the php variables to default English parameters…:triumph:

Thanks to all of you to have supported me, have a nice day !