Default blog error

I am trying to understand this message when I am using the default blog that comes with the setup.
Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message “file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty” nothing empty.

I am learning Kirby cms.

Can someone help me please, thank you.

Where exactly is the error thrown, could you please post the complete error message with the relevant lines?

When I click on the link to view the whole article.

Again, is that the complete error message? No more? No line and filename where the error is thrown?

Edit: Have you changed anything in the original setup, like renamed any folders like assets/images to something else?

I only moved the order folder.

Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message “file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty”

if(is_null($this->content)) {
  $this->content = file_get_contents($this->root);


  • Saves the file

#13 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit/lib/media.php:166
#12 file_get_contents in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit/lib/media.php:166
#11 Media:content in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/site/snippets/prevnext.php:25
#10 require in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit/lib/tpl.php:22
#9 Tpl:load in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/kirby/component/snippet.php:38
#8 Kirby\Component\Snippet:render in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/helpers.php:12
#7 snippet in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/site/templates/article.php:23
#6 require in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit/lib/tpl.php:22
#5 Tpl:load in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/kirby/component/template.php:103
#4 Kirby\Component\Template:render in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/kirby.php:681
#3 Kirby:template in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/kirby.php:669
#2 Kirby:render in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/kirby/component/response.php:29
#1 Kirby\Component\Response:make in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/kirby/kirby.php:751
#0 Kirby:launch in /Users/oddcode/Dropbox/Website/Kirby_CMS/HLS/index.php:16

It seems that the assets/images/*.svg files (arrow-left.svg, arrow-right.svg) are missing that are called in the prevnext.php snippet. Please check if these are present.

There is no order folder in a standard StarterKit.

It worked. Do I need to keep them their of change the layout?

As long as you use the prevnext snippet as it is, you need those files, otherwise you have to remove the code.

Thank you for your help and time.