Deactivate the kirbytext buttons on the textarea panel field type

Hi everyone, the title is self-expanatory, i just want to offer the possibility to prepend some code in my body & head for quick additions. But the bold/italic/link/mail buttons are not useful in this case and i want to deactivate it to not confuse users.

Is it possible without a plugin?

There’s an option you can add in your blueprint: buttons: false

This is for the site.php, so i have a huge settings page. With some textarea with kirbytext needed. I just want to deactivate it for only one textarea. Thanx for your time.

That’s what I suggested:

  label: Text
  type:  textarea
  buttons: false

= no buttons for that textarea …

My bad, i made i mistake it work perfectly. Thanx.

About that, this seems to be not obvious on the doc :

There is a pull request waiting to enhance the documentation for the textarea field, which will include that:

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This pull request would be great!
Especially if the opposite function for image runs in 2.1.0!

Thank you very much.

in versions less than 2.1.0 I can activate the image icon AND its function. But since 2.1.0 beta, the function after the shift of the /* signs do not work.

The shift of the /* signs is in the file “/panel/app/fields/textarea/buttons.php” from line 79 to line 85 (kirby-nightly-2.1.0-20150507112900).

To avoid misunderstandings:

  • I agree with both changes without wanting specify a sequence.
  • I have no account at

This section is commented out in the 2.1 beta as well as the 2.0.6 release. Actually, looking at the files history on GitHub, as far as I can tell (I might be mistaken here), the comment has never been changed. Maybe you edited the section yourself to enable this function?

Yes, I edited this on every 2.x version myself to enable this function. But now it does not run.

My supplementary request is not new:

please look at My Panel Wishlist and its link

To avoid misunderstandings:
I know that there are add ons, but not every website want that add ons…

Just looking at this again: Did it ever run? Cause in the current versions it’s basically commented out, because the respective actions that these buttons call do no exist (my guess: cause they have never been implemented so far, cause they are quite a bit more complex than the other buttons). I still recognize the wish and agree that this would be nice, but I think this isn’t a functionality that was cut back, but has never existed so far, has it?

I will search my old Kirby versions, but at the moment I am very busy. Sorry!
I tell you the result asap

Up to Kirby version 2.0.5 the button could be enabled:

I have downloaded the ZIP file at ‎11. ‎December ‎2014, ‏‎18:18:46 German time.