Custom post types

I’ve been referencing the instructions here to create custom post types.

I have a Journal page (site/templates/journal.php) that lists a bunch of entries (site/templates/entry.php)

I’m trying to have different styles on the single entry pages and have created entry.text.txt,, etc. along with the corresponding entry.text.php, and but the individual post pages will only display using entry.php

Is this still possible or am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

Do you happen to have more than one text file in a folder? Sounds as if there was still an entry.txt file …

Not on this entry no, but some of the others do… is that okay or do all entry.txt files need a post type suffix?
I also have multiple languages (though not for this entry) if that makes any difference.

The important point here is that you may not have more than one content text file per folder, apart from the translated files and file meta data files, that is. So you can have and entry.en.txt but no additional entry.txt or

Okay that’s how I have it.
At present it’s a bunch of images, entry.text.txt and

In a multi-language installation, all your text files need to have the language code, even the default language. Although I don’t know if that is the reason why your templates do not work correctly.

Good to know. All language aspects have been working perfectly so far with this system thankfully. I assumed I could leave off the .en because english is the default and isn’t in the actual url. eg. (English) and (Japanese)

Turns out that’s why it wasn’t working.
I did .en.txt for the default language (even though /en/ isn’t used in the domain) and custom post types are now working as they should.