Cropping to a larger size

So I’ve just upgraded from 3.3.3 to 3.8.3 and having some issues with the image cropping.

I’m using some images as tile grid for showcasing pages.
With the old version all images were perfectly geometric and all equal for that I was using a ->crop(600,600).
Now with the new version I get some images correctly cropped and other not.
After inspecting the produced images I can see that if the imagem does not meet the 600x600 no processing is done.
From my understanding previously the image was up scaled to meet the 600x600 and then cropped.

So the behaviour must have changed sometime between 3.3.3 and 3.8.3.

Of course I could replaced all images to meet the minimum 600x600 but I really don’t mind to loose a bit of quality with the old method of up scalling and subsequent croppring.

Any help on this?

Best regards and Happy New Year.
Daniel Santos.

Found the solution myself, in fact neither crop or resize were working.

Had to upgrade the php server to v8.1 for Kirby 3.8.3 and the gd extension wasn’t enabled by default.

Best regards and Happy New Year.