Creating dynamic temporary routes


I am working on a blog site for a non-profit institution funded by individuals economic contributions. The contributors are managed using an external platform, they need to provide some specific data for example: email, name and address.

This platform is only accessible tot he administrator and there is no authentication system to allow the contributors to change their data if needed. Basically they have to contact the institution and then they will change it.

They are interested in changing this way and giving access to users to change their own data since it is a lot of work and request from the contributors that a small team at the organization needs to manage so the process is slow.

Since there is no secure data (password) stored in the platform that could be used to authenticate the users we thought of implementing a system by which the user will request the change by introducing their email address and they will receive a temporary individualized link with access to a form to change their data.

So we would need to implement “temporary” routes, available for maybe 30 min after the email is sent for users to change their data after they requested it.

Is it possible to create temporary available routes using Kirby?

You can have users without passwords and only allow passwordless login via code. Would that help in that case?

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That is a very interesting approach.

The content the users will request to edit is not stored in Kirby but we could retrieve the data from the external platform API and display it on a custom panel page and POST that data to the external platform using the Kirby Panel as bridge.

And we could let them register as you mentioned. They will have to use the same email they are using on the external platform so we can verify them.

I am gonna give it a try using this approach.

Thank you!