Creating a new site


i am Franz winemaker in Burgenland Austria.

I am looking for somebody who designs our new website.

At the moment we have a wordpress/woocommerce shop. (
The shop will stay on woocommerce but the rest of the site should move to Kirby

We need:

Technical points:

3 Languages
different Menus for the languages
Video integration (Vimeo and Youtube)
Instagram integration tags and users (see on our website)
A slider (for the testimonials about our wine)
Resposive design. (Hamburger ?)
Floating menu on the top?
A search funktion.
A background picture possibility
Special contact form.

If possible our fonts (vie adobe typekit) at the moment we use a google font but the adobe font would fit to our offline work.
should be very minimal (a lot of whitespace) I can draw something or send some examples

Looking forward to here for you


Hey @Franz it’s your lucky day. I have built a few sites for Winemakers, I kind of specialise in it. I can definitely help you. I have 20 years experience designing and building websites.

Send me a DM and we can get the ball rolling.


Hi Franz,

I would love working with you on something like this, I have experience doing all of the things that you mentioned… including setting up search with algolia or just a normal one.

So if you still are looking, feel free to pm me or write me an email at