Create and use one-off template within content folder

I plan to create a few one-off pages in my site that is extremely tailored to the page in question.

As a result, it no longer make sense to create this one-off template in the site/templates folder because it’s not shared (or at least intended to be shared) with other pages.

So having it sitting in the templates folder is 1) becomes cognitive noise if I want to look at only common/shared templates and 2) becomes decoupled from the page that uses it.

Is there a way to keep this one-off template within the page/blog/article folder just like images, videos and other assets without affecting its functionality?

Out of the box, no, all templates have to live in the /site/templates folder. With custom code, I guess you could achieve this. One way to move them out of the way is to register them in a plugin: Templates | Kirby CMS

The purpose of a template is not necessarily to be shared across pages. What you could do though, is use the same default template and then handle the rest through snippets.

Maybe also interesting, the layouts plugin: Layouts | Kirby CMS

Thanks, I guess I’ll need to use the template located in the templates folder as a middleman and reach back into my page folder to grab any relevant template data I want to include.