Cre8iv Sitemapper Plugin

Cre8iv Sitemapper Plugin for Kirby 3

A plugin by Cre8iv Click to auto-generate syntactically-correct xml sitemaps for our clients’ Kirby websites. Some neat features of this plugin:

  • configuration done directly on your blueprints, or via a ‘sitemap’ page/file field
  • plays nicely with multilingual sites, even if they have single-language blueprints
  • tries to guess when visitor/bot is trying to reach sitemap.xml, even if at wrong URLs
  • if accessed directly on the browser, the sitemap is displayed as a nicely-formatted, customisable and easy-to-navigate page

More information, as well as installation and usage instructions at the project’s repository, here:

Quick note to let everyone know that as of version 1.0.5, you can now apply some basic customisation to the styling of your sitemap. This allows you to make the map suit the client’s site/brand better - or just give it your own ‘flavour’! :wink: