Cost estimate to update an old Kirby site

Hello all, I’ve been sent here by a colleague who thinks this will be the best place to ask.

I have three Kirby websites set up around ten years ago, but my tech has retired. One of these sites needs to be upgraded from what may be a very old version of Kirby in order to function on php 7.3+.

It’s a site, with only 12 pages (mainly text and one picture per page).

Could someone give me an idea of the cost to upgrade it for me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tim, you’ve come to the right place.

First will be nice if you can give us more info about this website. An preview to look at, current kirby version.
And an analysis of the structure could be necessarily in order to get an estimation.

If no one offer, I can help you get an idea on what might require to get everything up to date though can’t promise I can take it myself.

You can find me at or on Discord at IceMan #8799

Thanks for the response Bogdan, the website I need updating first is currently live as

If there’s any more info you need I’ll try to assist - I have a bit more experience with Wordpress, and writing text, but I should be able to find out most details given a little time.

Hello Tim,

I would like to assist you with this work.
Please get in touch with below-shared contact details.

Email – ianradnor088(at)gmail(dot)com

Skype – live:ianradnor088


Thanks for the preview. I sent you a PM with more details on what might be needed.