Content files keep old content with structure date

Hello, I am so very new, and I have a problem I cannot fix myself, thank you for your help,

I try to have multiple dates in a page, I use type: structure and field type: date to repeat them. I did a few tries with different names, and my content txt file is keeping the old informations at its bottom (calendrier). What I am doing wrong? (I’m using Mamp pro). Thanks

    type: fields
        type: toggle
        type: text
        type: structure
            type: date

Capture d’écran 2020-02-24 à 16.36.11

Looks like you changed the field name? Because in your blueprint it is called calendar, in the text file excerpt calendrier. Remove the content manually. Kirby doesn’t automatically remove content when field names are changed.

Yes, I changed the field name. I deleted the old content and save. Then if I make a change to page from the consol, the old content will come again in the txt file. This is suppose to work like this? Thank you @texnixe

If you delete the content from the text file, it shouldn’t reappear. Make sure you don’t have multiple text files in your folder. Please also clear the browser cache or log out and in again.

Thank you, logout works.