Content change template when sorting in panel

I have a client who sorts pages using drag and drop. Sometimes when the customer does this, the page disappears from the panel.

What has happened is that duplicates have been created in the folder system with the default template and several folders have been given the same ID. Once this has happened, you can no longer sort pages from the panel.

The pages in this specific case are locked into using a template called product.

By going through the data manually on the server and deleting all folders with default template files, I can restore everything.

I have not managed to create the error on my own.

Tech stack used:
Kirby 3.7.5
bnomei/autoid 2.7.7
distantnative/retour 4.3.1
flokosiol/focus 3.0.8
sylvainjule/locator 0.0.1

I received new information from the client. The client sets new position with right click and change position from the dropdown. See image.

Not sure it’s relevant to your issue, but you don’t have the latest autoid plugin version, which might cause issues.

I can try updating AutoID.

Kirby 3.8.x comes with native UUIDs, so the hooks are no longer needed. You might want to consider updating in the future, although that would also mean to update your content to make use of the new UUIDs.

Yes, I know. I use 3.8.x on newer projects. I want to update this project to use uuid but don’t know how to switch from autoid to uuid without asking the client to re-map all the content.

Do you think the issue is related to the use of the autoid plugin?

With the little information we have and no steps to reproduce, I can’t tell what’s happening or why. There might be other reasons. But updating plugins is always a good first step.

How many pages are there in this subfolder? Have all pages always been created through the Panel, never manually?

And is sorting really the only thing the user has done?

Totally get it. All pages have been created from the panel. I have asked the user the same thing. The answer I get is that they just changed the order. There are around 100 subpages.

Any chance you can get a copy of the site upload somewhere so that I can take a look?