Contact Formular does´t work


iam trying get the contact Formular from Bastian Allgeier to work, but alway get a Error Page when i put this script inside my template:

	<?php if($alert): ?>
      <div class="alert">
          <?php foreach($alert as $message): ?>
          <li><?php echo html($message) ?></li>
          <?php endforeach ?>
      <?php endif ?>

Any help?

could you set the debugging in the configfile on?
Than you get a better error message.

Only with this snippet we can’t help you.


Hello Jan,

in the config its on:

c::set('debug', 'true');

Where i can see some errors? Iam working in mamp on a mac

On chrome i get this error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Now it work! Seems like the naming of the controller, template and snippet have to be the same.

Sorry I forget to answer you.
And yes controller, snippet and template must have the same name.